And the Winner is . . .


Recently I have been honored with awards by others on this blogging quest. Not knowing exactly what these awards entailed, I sat anxiously at home, waiting for the messenger to appear on my front porch with my tiara, sash, and of course, the large monetary compensation that comes from making the world a better place through my bi-weekly posts that underscore the human condition and highlight the philosophical questions that plague this generation. Just kidding.  But I do get some nifty badges to display on my site.

To begin I must thank the two generous souls who nominated my blog:

Still Walks – an interesting take on using photography in relaxation. I also appreciate that Mr. Duncan has subjected himself to a great number of my posts and still keeps reading; he nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger award.


Snoozing on the Sofa – A devoted father and talented writer who maintains his sense of humor through a mound of dirty diapers.  Scott graciously nominated me for 3 awards: The Irresistibly Sweet Blog, The Liebster, and The Versatile Blogger.

Sweet blog



Now to spill the beans. I’m supposed to reveal some shocking details about my life, so go ahead and brace yourselves.

1. I speak the Indonesian language. This has come in really handy since my move back to the Southeast, where I’ve been able to utilize this linguistic skill oh, wait and let me count a second . . . exactly zero times in seven years. Sometimes when I’m in Walmart and I overhear a couple speaking to each other in Spanish, I want to bust out in my Asian language to show that I, too, can competently discuss stewed tomatoes in a foreign tongue.

2. I consider European dark chocolate an essential part of daily life and an unsung hero of combatting much of the emotional evil in the world.

Crusaders in the battle of the blues

Crusaders in the battle of the blues

3. I hate spiders.  The larger they are, the greater my hysteria when confronting them, and I am convinced that one was present at the Fall of Man even though serpents are given full credit for our demise. I bet if Eve had shaken those branches of the Tree of Knowledge, she would have found a spider dangling a few limbs above, calling the shots. That serpent was just the front man.

4. I stink at identifying vegetation, and when hard pressed, I label all flowers as pansies. Sure, you have your rose pansies and your daisy pansies and I’ve even gotten pretty good with the carnation pansies, but otherwise, it’s just a colorful world full of pansies. And since all pansies are doomed to die on my watch anyway, let’s just leave them out in the field where they belong, shall we?

5. The number one place I want to visit is Italy. If I could start in Rome and eat my way up to Tuscany, life would be beautiful. If I could find an Italian grandma willing to take me into her kitchen and to teach me how to make fabulous pasta, all the better.

Ready to hop a plane at a moment's notice

Ready to hop a plane at a moment’s notice

6. My favorite student question thus far in my career: “Ms. Carver, I don’t understand this question. What does this word mean?”  The word under his pencil?  Illiterate.

7. I can rock out on “Life is a Highway” in my kitchen while clutching a wooden spoon for vocal amplification. I’m just waiting to be discovered.

And now for those blogs I would like to nominate.  These are blogs that I like, follow, or just want to encourage.

1. Mom in the Muddle

2. Sensitive Flour

3. Ned’s blog

4. Rebecca V

5. Jenn’s Midlife Crisis

6. Overwhelming Peace

7. On Food and Film

8. Celiac Kiddo

9. Moments of Unexpected Beauty

10. South Forty Rocks

11. Vermont Farmheart

Finally, many thanks to all who have read my anecdotes; it makes my day to make you smile.


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  1. Congratulations,Traci. Rather belated of course but no less sincere. Just today I noticed a reference to your reward on Rebecca White Body’s blog.

    I echo StillWalks: “I love your writing!” It infuses me with energy, not the other way ’round. Who knew blogging took so much time.

  2. Pingback: Spring is in the Air (finally!) and Awards, too | celiac kiddo

  3. Hi Traci, thanks so much for the encouragement! It couldn’t have come at a better time. I am with you on #2, #3 and #7. I made it to Europe once for a flying bus trip that started in Italy and I would love to go back. I started saving when I was 10 and while Italy hadn’t been on my “wish list”, after being there, it is now at the top! Start saving…

  4. I love your writing. You always make me laugh! Do your students find you funny at all? #5. Been there. Great food, crazy driving, mad that I could never remember to order still water. I do not like bubbles in my water. 😉 My husband and I have been making pasta. We sure could use an Italian grandmother for guidance. Yesterday’s attempt looked beautiful until we boiled it. A big clump. But everyone ate it anyway. Thanks for including me on the list, Traci.

    • My students do laugh at me, but it may not be in the way that I was shooting for . . . And I’m making a note about that still water tip right now. 🙂

  5. I’d nominate you for hilarity in writing. Is that one? Loved #4, and I have to agree with #3. Snorted on #6, and have vivid memories of some “singing” we’ve done in the past…for real and in the comfort of our homes…with brownies or Rice Krispy treats ready at a moment’s notice. Ah, purple pillows…fond memories! 🙂

      • Only if hubby leaves us alone long enough. LOL Can’t hear any of those songs without remembering a few trips in the car. LOL

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