Courtesy Call


photo dogs 2

You never know what’s going to show up on your doorstep. Just last week I was nestled into the couch about to sample that evening’s fare, when I heard barking from multiple canines right at my back door. Since I don’t own a dog, I set my plate aside and ventured into the kitchen where I peeked out the window that afforded the best view of the porch. There stood two dogs, both of the frou-frou variety, and one of them was wearing a pink dress. Hmm. I watched them bound off my porch and around the yard, cutting capers and playing hide and seek in the grass. The one in the skirt was definitely at a disadvantage since her Pepto Bismol attire made it hard for her to camouflage. I cracked the door to get a better look at them and to look for an owner, but they seemed to be out for a jaunt in the spring air unattended. I held out my phone for a picture, and as soon as they heard the click of the mechanism, they charged with enthusiastic gentility. What in the world?

Then suddenly it hit me. Of course. These were Jehovah’s Witnesses canines. Who else shows up unannounced dressed in their Sunday best when you’re already in your jammies and have a fork three fourths of the way to your mouth? Just a month prior to this I’d had a human faction of that denomination stop by, and since I hadn’t allowed them access for proselytizing, they had obviously dispatched the canine unit. One look at those little fur balls playing in the yard and I thought they might be on to something. Now if only they could teach them how to hand out brochures . . .


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  1. Very funny! I find that engaging in debate with JWs, especially offering to pray for them really works a treat. They knock on other doors – but we’ve been blacklisted!

  2. Well, I know how my darling pooch feels about neck attire (bandana after grooming) and reindeer antlers (the dreaded Christmas picture from the groomers), so I must say, these pooches have quite the self-esteem to not only be SEEN away from their owners, but to be seen outside their homes. I applaud (or appawed) their gumption! πŸ™‚ Of course, they could have been after the bunny slippers all the time. LOL

  3. OK, I really need new glasses. Before I read the post, I thought the critter on the left was a fat turkey… don’t laugh, look at it again…. and I din’t give any thought to the thing in pink…. I kept waiting in the story for the mention of the turkey…… finally, as reading is a good thing, I got it… calling for an eye exam now…. and the whole JW thing… yep, they ring the bells here and it is always at dinner…… and we don’t even have a set time for dinner. They perhaps operate on aromavisitations protocol!

    • Too funny! But in your defense, the photo was really blurry, so don’t suspect glaucoma just yet. And considering that I’ve had raccoons, deer and a fox in my yard, a turkey isn’t a big stretch . . . but if I see one in a dress I’m getting my eyes checked πŸ™‚

    • It seems to come due every time I put on comfortable clothes. It’s so hard to argue theology when you’re wearing bunny slippers. πŸ™‚

  4. We had a raccoon raid our garbage can in the wee hours last week one night. Although we did not see the creature, we assume it was a “she,” naked, undressed.

    • Which is why she needed the cover of night. Those doggies have discovered how to attack during the day; all it takes is a pleated, pink skirt.

  5. Although when I was a child I used to regular try and stuff my poor cat into a doll’s dress (never successfully I might add) with the hope of pushing it around in a toy pram, I’m not sure how I feel about animals in outfits. Apart from reindeer ears or paper hats at Christmas. That’s another thing altogether.

    • As a child I had one tom cat that frequently sported a bonnet, but I never made him venture outside in that attire. I just couldn’t stand the thought of the neighborhood cats laughing at him.

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