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  1. Hi Traci. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love these photos especially the one of the antique shop. I go “thrifting” with my mom every weekend. This photo reminds me of small, quaint town where I would love to visit. Thanks for sharing. Look forward to reading your future posts. What type of camera do you use. I am looking to buy one soon.

    • Hi, Dionne! I’ve never been great with a camera, so I only use my iPhone. I can’t justify spending money on a camera when my current skill level in photography is point-and-shoot 🙂 Thanks for the visit!

  2. There’s something beautiful about every state in the union. You captured part of your neck of the woods brilliantly. Nice blog and thanks for visiting my Teriyaki Chicken Made with Orange Marmalade.

  3. I had to get a better look at the “Path to Breakwater Lighthouse.” I can’t get over that that is (or was?) a path. They usually make bridges to go over things like that!

    Gorgeous photography!

  4. I’ve yet to do the photographic lighthouse tour of Maine, but I’ve been wanting to for years. Did manage to hit the lighthouses along North Carolina’s Outer Banks, though.

    Thanks for inspiring me once again to try to make the trek up that way.

    • Unfortunately, no. Maine was my first real lighthouse tour, but after that experience, I will be open to others. I’ll have to check out your blog for more info.

  5. Traci- Hi! How are you? Shannon posted a link to the blog. Love the Maine pics. We got to go with a good friend a few years back and loved it. One of these days we’ll make it back up there again. My friend goes every 2 years. They love Owl Head Lighthouse. Great to “see” you again.

    • Good to hear from you! I hope you’re doing well.
      I loved the abbreviated Maine lighthouse tour I took (4 in four days) and would love to return to the area. You can’t beat the weather, and the local restaurants were fantastic.

  6. Beautiful scenery! Next time I am going with you! The Northerners will definitely think that country has come to town with me standing next to you.

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